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Richard Brodie (
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 11:04:56 -0700

Kevin wrote:

>The world would be a much better place if people stopped eating beef
>drinking alcohol,

How can you make such a bald assertion? Do you really think you have
enough information to make that conclusion?

>but it would be stupid to try to ban burgers and beer.
>People would be dropping dead from e-colli contaminated beef. One
>that prohibition and the drug war have illustrated quite clearly is
>you can't effectively legislate that people do what's good for them.

But the US government's big successes have been in legislating that
CORPORATIONS do what's good for us. Mandatory nutrition labeling and
censorship of cigarette ads are delightful examples with near-100%

>Further more, when you deny people the option of doing something stupid
>self-destructive, you rob them of the capacity for moral choice.

Nonsensical. How is it possible to deny people such options? There are
an infinity of possible stupid and self-destructive behaviors.

>>Remember, most people do not think nearly as abstractly or logically as
>>you do. Other means are necessary to educate people about memetics.
>Sure. It's our responsibility to get the word out. I do so by
>providing a
>visual hitching post (icon) for the Metameme and by appealing to
>in nubile scantily clad bodies. I advocate luring people towards
>consciousness with bait that appeals to the semi-conscious (Buddhists
>this employing 'expedient means') . I do not advocate viewing our
>relativly sophisticated understanding of how replicative informational
>entites affect human behavior as a liscence to censor.

My point is that if good people do nothing with their knowledge of
memetics, the militant ignorance of cultural viruses and the evil of
designer viruses will take over. There is no turning back.


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