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>I agree choice is an illusion, and an abstraction. Nevertheless, I do
>not feel
>respected as a human being unless the illusion of choice is honored, so
>far as I
>am concerned. Failure to honor choice, even if an illusion, says
>something in

You bring up a fascinating point, one of my favorites that I return to
several times in "Virus of the Mind." Under what circumstances should we
"program" ourselves with memes that are not true? To feel better? To get
better results? And what memes should we program other people with?

A good friend of mine just got back from the Olympics in Atlanta. He
said it was delightful and that it was a completely different experience
from what you would expect having watched it in NBC. Yet NBC broadcast
the memes of fear, crisis, and negativity. Why? Because it's better for

So it's fine with me if you'd rather feel honored than understand a more
useful model. Just know you're making a trade-off.


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