Re: virus: "Religion"?

Ken Pantheists (
Thu, 08 Aug 1996 10:54:05 -0700

If I had an ice cream store called the Church of Perpetual Indulgence
would you suspect it of being a religion?

I think the warning lights that are going off in people have more to do
with the people than the list.

When a person studies art they (I hope) also study the history of
religious art. This helps illustrate the relationship between art and
the expression of the sublime. I could not imagine teaching or being in
a class where a person said, "I'm just not comfortable talking about
religion because *I've* thrown it all away in favour of something

Such a statement is egoistic and draws the focus away from the subject
and puts it on the person.

I say, "Get over it." :)

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