Re: virus: Replication of Memes

Tue, 13 Aug 1996 14:51:30 -0500

Steve Tramont wrote:
> There is a great deal of promise in this thread.

Unfortunately I'm about to unplug my computer, and put it in a box for a
week. I'll miss alot.

>Some very basic assumptions
> are being challenged.

Steve, you have challenged some of the basic definitions in memetics,
and given that these terms already have established meanings, it
probably isn't useful to go changing them.

I flatly disagree with some of your statements For example:

Humans, most of the time, do not choose their memes. Memes are
parasitic. They often benefit us and improve not only our ability to
survive but they make possible many of the things which are most
important to us. Language is one example. Other memes however are
counterproductive, destructive, and even deadly. We do not choose them.
We get programmed with them in a variety of ways.

Memes do direct human behavior.

Anyway, I'm outa here, folks. 'See' you all in about a week.

Take care.  -KMO
"The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable."
-Paul Broca

"All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike- and yet it is the most precious thing we have." -Albert Einstein *******************************************************