virus: Does God really exist? (I. Part)

Paulo Rodrigues (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 22:25:12 +0100

>>This is my first message to this list, i would like comments about what i am
>>going to write. Thank you.:
>>First of all, God, as "the God(s) all religions have shown, and still show,
>>does not exist! What all the religions try to show is that there is a
>>Supreme Being, perfect, good, that represents the "Good", that they call God
>>and of course, the devil or other evil creature represents the "Bad". So,
>>God is a Creation of the mankind.
>>Secondly, through the history of mankind, God was "guilty" of thins that
>>science could not explain. So the more things science discovered, the less
>>tings were explained because of God.
>>To end this first part, i would like to ask a question:
>>If the human being did not developed the way it did, if we were still
>>irrational, will that be a God, and if yes, for whom, and for what?