Re: virus: Does God really exist?

Lior Golgher (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 22:13:30 -0700

An Atheist has two main ways to look upon religions:

1. Out of an atheist view - "People explain nature through myths",
"People invent their fairies and elves", "Evil men exploit the mobs by
feeding them with lies about heaven and hell", etc.
All those claims are logical, yet they certainly cannot claim the
ultimative truth, for the fundamental reason that they depend on the
axiom that there isn't any God. Unfortunately, all the Atheist sites I
know don't go any further in their essays. TCO Virus' mailing list
usually doesn't go further either, except in rare innotative occasions.

2. Out of an objective view, that is that the existance of God, reality,
and ultimate values are all just axioms, nothing more, nothing less.
Therefore the acceptance of a religion doesn't come as a result of a
sudden holy vision, nor of a logical proof\contradiction of the
existance of any god based on the senses of oneself, but simply of a
decision one makes.
Logical contradictions to religions can be based only on the same axioms
of those religions.

Atheism is a religion. It is based on a certain axiom on the existance
of god, just like any other religion.

>>What all the religions try to show is that there is a
>>Supreme Being, perfect, good, that represents the "Good", that they call God
>>and of course, the devil or other evil creature represents the "Bad". So,
>>God is a Creation of the mankind.

This claim is simply wrong informatively.