Re: virus: Does God really exist?
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 11:47:26 -0700 (MST)

> I'd like you to try to get through a day without
> hope, belief, or faith. If you can do it, then I'll believe in Athiests.
> Otherwise I'd have to say an Athiest is just someone who's scared of what
> they
> can't see, and so hide like a child would.

> -----------------------------------------

> I think we DO have a great deal of hope, belief, or faith of some sort.
> For instance, I believe the sun will probably rise tomorrow, I hope
> and count on the fact that I will remain healthy for some time, I have
> faith in myself to be able to do most things I put my mind to, and I
> believe it is important to try and make this world a better place for
> all of us for the brief period of time that we are here.

> However, I do not believe in God -- for the same reason that I don't
> believe in the Easter bunny -- or a gatzpah for that matter. Examining,
> philosophically, whether it could or could not be is for someone else
> to do. In the meanwhile I will immerse myself in the life I have, lest
> it slip by before I notice.

> Incidentally, my partner (also an atheist) is from a Mormon family,
> and I can tell you that the two (a Mormon/Christian and an atheist)
> can live quite happily and amicably -- side by side and even in the
> same house without the necessity of "personal religion" being an issue.

I have no doubt two people can live w/o personal religion being an issue. What
did that have to do with my original email?