FW: FW: virus: Does God really exist?/Telepathy

Shepard,Ryan (Ryan_Shepard@xn.xerox.com)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 11:15:06 PDT

There has been a theory floating around for some time about the possibility
>of inter-group telepathy based on hallucinogenics.

>I think - and correct me if I'm wrong - that this is something to do with
>an idea that Shamens used in their religion. They believed that they could
>commune with the dead, and with eachother through the use of what are
>as "psychodelic plants". That is, hallucinogens.

True, this can be seen in the movie "Altered States" with John Hurt,
although I personally have not regressed to the very beginning of life
as we know it.

>Whether this is actually true, or whether they were just tripping so much that
>they made it all up, I don't know, but I too have heard stories of group
>thinking whilst on hallucinogens. Not just the powerful ones either -
>is classed as a hallucinogen, because in vast enough quantities is too can
>produce effects like those of LSD. (I've not tried LSD, and don't
intend to but
>I know people who have who've confirmed this). Whilst under the influence of
>what is essentially quite a mild drug, I have experienced the same kind of
>contact as Shep describes.

Not to sound like a complete lunatic, but let me describe my first
experience with it. Three of us had gone to a concert in Niagara
Falls last December, and picked up three hits of acid apiece. On the
way home (still under the effects), my friend Jason only said "You
know....." and at that point, I knew the feeling he was sending out,
not so much the exact comment he would make, but the overall feeling,
tone, or sensation; it's hard to describe exactly. I could only
reply, "Yeah, I know", and I did. He then (later he told me this)
knew that I DID know, and he completely lost it, getting teary, and
laughing, which is not how he usually reacts to anything, tripping or
otherwise. At this point, I had to pull the car over, because I was
thrown for a loop by it myself.

My other friend in the back seat was completely clueless and kept
eating potato chips, which really has nothing to do with this story.

>Mind you, having said that, I've experienced some pretty frightening
>of knowing what someone is going to say or do before they do it. It's only on
>a mild scale, but I believe that although some of it may be coincidence, it
>cannot always be so.

I agree, but I don't feel this was coincidence, because what we all
took was from the same general batch (same people cut hits off the
same sheet)....I truly do believe that this sort of thing is possible.
It's been said that the government used to experiment with acid by
having people take it and just sit in a room with others or in
solitary and they would monitor the subjects to see what happened.

By the way, I've been subscribing to this list for quite some time, but
this is the first I've been posting. This is definitely interesting
to read, so, if you think no one's getting a charge out of this at
times, I truly am!