Re: virus: Does God really exist?

Ken Pantheists (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 11:10:28 -0800

> wrote:
>>I'd like to see you try to get through a day without hope, belief or faith.
>>If you can do it, then I'll believe in Athiests. Otherwise I'd have to say
>>an Athiest is just someone who's scared of what they can't see, and so hide
>>like a child would.
>Right, so here's a Christian telling us that because we don't believe in God,
>we're like children! I don't mean to sound nasty, but it's a reaction
>I've come
>to expect from Christians over the years.

We had a similar thread going on in march and april-- I think you can read
it in th archives if you are interested. There were many intersting point
made on all sides.

I will take my turn to be a little nasty and say (once again) that
generalizations on any side of an arguement don't clarify anything. I have
said this before... If prizes were given for knowledge of science a lot of
people on this list would be getting red ribbons. As for knowledge of
religion (How it works, what meme patterns it sets up in a society, the
archetypes...the nuts and bolts of it) I find a lot of people make
generalizations and assumptions that would not be tolerated in a scientific
discussion. Please read anything by Joseph Campbell or watch the
mini-series on the learning channell.

If you don't like what they say, then
>you're either stupid, childish, misled, pretending to be cool, or anything
>else they can think of to belittle you

Scientists are capable of that too.

>If someone engages me in an intelligent argument,
>then I'll argue my point as rationally as I can, because if an argument is
>totally rational, then another rational being is FORCED to accept that it is

Case in point.

The problem arises when - as I have said before - a point is reached
>when the argument cannot be wholly rationalised because of lack of information.

We will always make up for the lack by creatind truth-like abstractions--
hence we expres ourselves in music, poetry, dance, song and visual art.
Many of these abdstractions have a relation to the mysteries in life.

You obviously believe his too--

>So, if people have seen the images, experienced the miracles, and felt the
>brain-radio patterns, then it wouldn't be surprising if they attribute it to
>a higher power. After all, why should they figure it was themselves, if we
>don't know in this day and age. In the end, therefore, it is possible that
>we are the Gods that we worship!!!!!

God or brain radio.... do I have to choose? Are they mutually exclusive?

I guess life is not only a mystery to be solved-- but a mystery to be lived
as well (?)


Ken Pantheists