virus: re: religion thread
Thu, 22 Aug 96 16:46:41 -0500

My high school biology II teacher (former college professor, but he
preferred a captive
audience, I guess) said that he and many of his colleagues were finding the
concept of
God harder and harder to ignore, especially with all the intricate workings
of the human
body (immune system, muscle structure on the atomic basis, and especially
the relation-
ship between mitochondria and humans). The more they discovered the easier
it was to
chalk it up to a divine creator...

Another person I know (but whom I do not respect, but for other reasons)
once said
that he believed in creation, and evolution at the same time: God simply
an evolutionary past when sHe created the world. (sounds a bit Clintonian
-- fence
straddling -- to me.)

Just a couple of thoughts that had stuck in my mind over the past many years.

Myself, I'm reserving judgment until I get all the facts (I am assuming that
is what
happens when you die -- you get to know EVERYTHING)...

jazzmin sommers