Re: FW: virus: Does God really exist?/Telepathy

Reed Konsler (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 20:02:55 -0400

Chris Anderson said:
>My personal explanation, at this point, is that we have limited sensory
>ability, in that of all of the different types of information available in the
>world, we can only take in a limited amount with what tools we have evolved to
>have. Therefore, it seems very likely that there can exist subtle energy and
>other "things" that we cannot perceive with our limited senses... And
>some of
>the senses we seem to have shut off...

Alternatively you could think of it this way: We actually have very
limited sensory input compared to the complexity of the world around (and
within) us. But we have this phenomenal machine in our brains that
constructs such a vivid "virtual reality" that it creates the illusion of a
vastly more rich, consisitent and linear experience. Our brains create the
illusion of our "self". This machine is brilliant in extracting every
ounce of information out of the limited input it can obtain. It detects
and reacts to nuance, inflection, scent, body language and gesture...but it
doesn't always present these details of perception to the "user-illusion"
of the self, in the same way that when you decide to pick something up you
don't have to mentally instruct each muscle to fact you might not
even know where the muscles are or have any idea how they work.

So, next time you catch a frisbee in the summer sun you might think "wow!
what an amazing ability". The next time you pick up a vibe off of someone
you might think the same thing. I don't think that's telepathy, or secret
energy or's just the incredible ability of your brain to pick
up on subtle detail.

Reed Konsler