Re: virus: Power and body piercing?

Reed Konsler (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 20:57:05 -0400

Jazzmin said:
>I've noticed a few references to body piercing in your posts. Got a problem?
>It's not for style, or power, or mutilation... try increased sensitivity and
>quite a fun sex toy. Drop the crap about body piercing unless it's relevant.
>And no, I'm not one of the Teeming Millions, just a mom of two and wife of one,
>a senior in college for a few years now working on two degrees, a home
>and a family.

No offense intended.

I shaved my head a while ago in order to enter a more low-maintenance life
style. It's totally covenient and great in hot, sweaty Boston summers.
People kept asking me whatkins of statement I was trying to make and I
responded "huh. it's just simpler this way."

I don't know, everything exists on multiple levels. Maybe in some sense it
is a message, maybe it isn't. Maybe a cigar is just a cigar.

I think a lot of the body-piercing/tatooing I've seen aroud recently is in
the "making a statement" camp, though. Not that I'm against it. I got two
studs put in my left ear a few years ago. That hurt like hell. When I get
my courage up again maybe I'll go in for something else. At the same time
the whole scene is a reflection of tribalism and ancient cultural practices
and values.

That's only an insult if you think tribalism is inferior to "modern
living". I don't.

Reed Konsler