virus: mail problem

Mike Blum (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 08:40:37 -0400

did anyone else get over 40 meg worth of trash email from
"Raymond Johnson" <> via the virus mailing list?
it crashed my machine as well as our mail server.

he had the text:

>To take a less theological tack, did anyone see the article in the New York
>Times science section last Tueday by George Johnson?
>He reports some recent research on the disappearance of the Anasazi culture in
>the Southwest.
>Interesting speculation from the standpoint of cultural selection and
>competition among rival religions.
>New evidence suggests that the exodus was not due so much to drought as to a
>shift in seasonal rainfall patterns -- so that the traditional rain-producing
>rituals were seen to have lost their power. When the Anasazi peoples
>dispersed and relocated, they no longer built kivas (so abandoning the
>hierarchical "kiva culture"). Instead they took up with a number of
>different secret societies, including the Kachina cult from the south (which
>was more open and egalitarian).
>It struck me that there are very few examples where a "failure of faith" led
>to the extinction of a culture's religion. The religious meme seems, by
>design, to be protected from such easy discomfirmation. Which may make the
>Anasazi theory a little dubious.

followed by 40 meg of trash. was it our server, the virus server, raymonds
or an act of a god that doesn't really exist?

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