Re: virus: Telepathy / Consistency

Wade T. Smith (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 13:07:03 -0400

>Can't one
>accept mutually exclusive paradigms on a provisional basis?
>Reed Konsler


Indeed, what good comes of such dualism? Such doublespeak/doublethink?

Sounds like what religion tries to do....

'There is a god'
'I see no god.'

'You must believe.'
'Can I believe and not see?'

'You will see.'
'Could you show me?'

'You must have faith.'
'Then I will see?'

'Then you will serve.'

What good is such provision?

It is certainly OK to balance two opposing explanations. (Occam will tend
to prefer the lighter one....) But two opposing paradigms? Is that not in
itself a contradiction in terms?

Would that not be planting two root memes in the same pot?

Something's got to give....

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