Re: virus: Telepathy / Consistency

Wade T. Smith (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 19:10:13 -0400

>>Indeed, what good comes of such dualism? Such doublespeak/doublethink?

>Is matter waves or particles? Waves are not localized in space,
>particles are. Particles either take this path or the other,
>waves can take both...

Thanx for that, Ken. That _is_ a dualism in which both views need to be
maintained. (Not at the same time, but I haven't worked out why that
supports my earlier statement yet....)

But, (hey, buts are important...) these particular paradigms are
_explanations_ derived from exhaustive scientific observations of
replicable phenomena, not loose 'how cums' about anecdotal remarks. Both
are reduced by Occam's edge until both stand equal.

So- amendment one- Two competing explanations (paradigms, if you will) can
(and must) serve, if and only if such explanations pertain at equal
causative levels.

We get down to the point at which particles are either waves or particles,
and we can take either road.

But where is the equal starting point for intuitive vs. telepathic

Many shores apart, by my reckoning. It would be nice to have a pangeatic
landscape here, but things have drifted.

Sidebar: How is memetic level discussed? Are there memetic maps- diagrams
of process and evolution? Are they fractal, or truly chaotic and organic?

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