Re: virus: Back soon
Mon, 2 Sep 96 14:24:58 BST

It's been cool, but now I'm off on holiday to sunny Spain for a week. I'll be
back, and I'm going to try out this virus-digest thing. The traffic seems
to have stopped recently, so I'm wondering if the reason is that I'm not
subscribed to it. Try keeping the Does God Really Exist thread going, as
we've no where near reached a concensus!

Also, for some reason it's been taking my machine about 5 hours to get a
message to occasionally. Is this a problem at my end or at
the other?

see you all in a weeks time.

Richard Jones
"And when the miscreants fell dead, she took to conjuring spells in the cusp
of the night, and the bestial floor shook with terrible life."