virus: Pork

Fri, 30 Aug 1996 13:41:51 -0500

> From: ken sartor <>

> > Do not eat Pork - I can't see any reason for this at all, and
> > the argument that says Pigs are dirty
> > animals is wrong, because they're
> > actually some of the cleanest!

In terms of preventing the contraction of disease from eating pork, the
commandment "only eat your pork chops well done," if obeyed, would have
been just as effective a commandment. The problem is the "if obeyed"
clause. The problem isn't that pigs are filthy (ever seen the inside of
a slaughter house? It's not all white tile and hospital linnen, yet few
people warn that cows live and die in filth). The problem is that pigs
and humans get alot of the same diseases and host many of the same

Commandments like this are a way of getting people to do what's good for
them without explaining exactly why a particular behavior is
advantageous. I'm not advocating that approach. Anyone who has even a
passing familiarity with the agenda I openly push knows that I want to
increase human consciousness, and the substitution of divine
commandments for sound explanations is wholly counter to may avowed
aims. My only point in responding to your post is to clarigy how the
cause of the good health of the Isrealites was served by the prohibition
against pork.


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