Re: virus: Sexuality

KMO prime (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 02:17:01 EDT

>>This is one of the *VERY BIG* differences between science and
>>fundalmentist religion.
>How are you seeing that as being different? You aren't saying that
>fundamental religion never undergoes drastic change are you? If you
>are you
>would be indicating a serious lack in your education regarding
>theology and
>the history of religion.

Yes, religious dogma has evolved over time. I believe the difference the
poster (sorry lost track of whose post John was responding to) was trying
to point out is that the scientific method directs scientists to look for
the evidence that will refute their hyotheses. Religious meme-complexes,
on the other hand, frequently insulate themselves from refutation by
anamolous data. They are constructed in such a way that no observation,
no data, can count against them. Scientific theories, unlike religious
dogma, are falsifiable. If there is no conceivable observation that
doesn't support a hypothesis, then that hypothesis is not scientific.

Here's hoping this post actually makes it past the screwy Boston Juno
server and to the list.

Take care, all.