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Wade T. Smith (
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 01:38:00 -0400

>It is actually very difficult to find a content-free method of
>distinguishing astrology, etc. from science. An effective distinction
>would use how 'well-grounded the answer is to the question'. This is a
>fuzzy term, because it's a meta-property.
>/ Kenneth Boyd

Astrology is to science as trashcan lids are to automobiles.

Astrology uses no falsifiable/testable hypotheses, and can not even begin
to describe the mechanism for its imagined operation.

It is actually extremely difficult to find any congruence between astrology
and science, beyond the fact they both use mathematics.

Fraud, even fancy fraud, spread out against the stars and correllated to
countless data-sets, is not science.

I am beginning to wonder what people think science _is_ around here....

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