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Thu, 19 Sep 1996 16:03:15 EDT

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996 12:42:12 +0000 Martin Traynor <>

> My understanding of the proposed legislation was that it
>insists that evolution should only be taught as a theory and that
>much I agree with. I think that schools (or at least any
>schools I would want to send my kids to) should be places primarily
>for the teaching of the science. I don't think that creationism has a
>in a biology class but I do think that people benefit from a broad
>base of knowledge, including theology. Not instruction designed to
>foster a belief in a particular ideology but to bring an awareness of
>the range of ideologies that are out there and to encourage that the
>subject, as with all other subjects, should be examined impartially
>and critically if at all.

I'm glad you spelled that out. Unfortunately anyone interested in
harnessing your eloquence for the purposes of pushing a creationist
agenda in public education could find a wealth of ammunition in your
recent posts (provided they thought to look for that sort of ammuniciton
in the Church of the Virus archive) and they would, as a matter of
course, remove the small but crucial caveats that keep your position from
mirroring their own. That said, let me echo your point about the value
of studying a range of ideologies. I've had the opportunity to not only
study the scriptures of various faiths, but I've witnessed and
participated in a variety of religious activities. I stayed in a Krishna
temple. I participated in a variety of Shinto rituals in Japan and
visited the centers of many of Japan's "New Religions" and talked to
their adhearants. I wouldn't trade those experiences or their impact on
my consciousness for anything.

Take care, all.


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