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Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 21 Sep 1996 01:28:31 +0000

Richard Brodie wrote:

> Is it possible, do you think, to create an engineered "religion" that
> allows people to live at level 3? To have a life where they can program
> themselves with memes suitable to their own life purpose and priorities?
> To me, that is the purpose of this list.

I agree whole heartedly. What a neat purpose to rise to.

I always know when a student is about to make a breakthrough in his/her
training for the theatre. The actor starts to assert memes that
*identifies* himself/herself by what he or she is not. (I'm just not
that kind of person, I wouldn't do that sort of thing) Their work is
often stilted and uneasy because they are holding onto memes that do not
facilitate the work. Once the actor realizes that what he or she thinks
about him/herself is completely useless to their exploration of a
character (kind of like carrying *two* plays in your head instead of
one) they discard those ideas in order to simply *BE* at ease with the
character-- to be a human who is being-- Their "acting" becomes useful
because it is simple action with simple purposes. they aren't doing it
because their mother's or priests (or director or teacher) told them to,
or because they think they will be bad people if they don't. They are
doing it because it is truthful to the moment, to the purposes of the

Kind of a level 3 in the theatre.

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