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Mon, 23 Sep 1996 09:54:45 -0600

Subject: virus: Have chosen Church of Virus as MEME of the WEEK
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I really dig yer Church of Virus Site.... I think that is not
only laid out really well, designed fabulously, infinitely resourceful,
it is also very YUMMY in its thought provoking content. I myself
maintain a
site called MEME of the WEEK (check it out)
....... it is a "site of the week" type of page but I only choose sites
that have information or ideas that are fabulous and perhaps not thought
about often.....and perhaps should be. (THINK!) The sites I choose are
also pro-thinking-pages that discuss pro-science, pro-earth, pro-human,
pro-thinking, pro-karma, et cetera subjects. I think your page falls
into this little category of mine........ soooooo......... just thought
I'd let you know, starting today yer site is meme of the week!!

If you'd like to display my new "tag"(icon, whatever) and link to my
page..... PLEASE do so....... you can either copy the image or just link
to it directly...... it can be found at:

Peace & Thanks,
"Information is the currency of democracy" -Thomas Jefferson