RE: virus: Science and Religion

David McFadzean (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:45:00 -0600

At 02:23 PM 25/09/96 PDT, Chelstad, Erik wrote:

>I'm not arguing about the semantics, and I'd hate to see another
>Webster's definition come across the mail, but I'd love to see
>another word without as many preconceived notions take the
>place of "religion" when describing a meme theorist's view of
>the world.
>Does anyone have suggestions?

The Extropians use "eupraxophy" (good practice, active wisdom),
a philosophy of life.

>It seems as though the Church of Virus is dynamic enough
>to survive it's pious proboscis being hacked off Ginsu

I still contend there are good reasons for at least keeping
up the appearance of a religion, namely it is the only way
to compete in that game. Still, I see your point about being
offended by the word so I may have to write a web filter
to do a word substitution just before the HTML documents
are served (half joking).

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