RE: virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #31

Wade T. Smith (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 22:06:02 -0400

>I'm saying is that I've seen pus-seeping wounds open on exposed flesh (1/4
>inch deep and 3 inches long) with no one touching it. Call it psychosomatic
>if you will. I'm sure someone else (yes, you, Wade) will call it
> I don't care. I've simply found certain techniques useful and the
>effects repeatable.


And if you really think this is repeatable and useful, then The Amazing
Randi has about $800,000 he is ready to give you to prove it.

He's ready when you are.

(Actually, I wouldn't call this hallucination, but self-mutilation. It
ain't a pretty sight. It is usually a result, as is Geller's spoon-bending,
of diligent preparation of the affected material. Except in this case, the
material is one's flesh.)

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