Re: virus: The truth about the truth

David Leeper (
Mon, 26 Nov 1956 23:33:24 +0000

>As for the Truth, I find myself leaning toward the dark side. I now
>see that postmodernism does not imply that there is no objective
>reality (I unfairly characterized it as such in previous posts). But it
>does say there is no objective truth and the reason is quite simple:
>Truth is a property of statements, propositions, assertions, descriptions,
>ie. texts made of words. Truth is not property of physical objects.
>It makes no sense to say this bicycle or that asteroid is true or false.
>The truth of a text depends on its meaning, which in turn depends on
>the context and that is what makes truth subjective (and also why
>truth is fuzzy). The world is out there, but the truth (sorry X-Files
>fans) is not.

Once again I invoke the name, the sacred name, of our Lord and savior, Albert Einstien. May his
wisdom bring light to the darkness....

Truth is not a property of physical objects or words. It makes no sense to say "The bike is red"
if there is no bike. A bike sitting there all alone with no words said about it can be neither
true nor false. Tuth comes from the _relationship_ of the words and objects. Truth is relative.

David Leeper
Homo deus