Re: virus: Virian Tarot?

Jason McVean (
Fri, 27 Sep 96 9:49:56 MDT

My main concern with this idea is pretty fundamental. The first
bit of text on

What is the Tarot? It is a system of cards often used for
divination, as well as spells, meditation, and many other

The very point of Tarot seems to be anti-virian. One could
perhaps argue that there is room for Virian ideas in the
"meditation, and many other things" part of the description but
most people immediately think of divination when you say
Tarot. So the most obvious question for me is: What would be the
goal of a Virian Tarot deck? Perhaps to help spread Virian
philosophy? There could be images representing important ideas on
the cards but how would the reading work... without some sort of
reading scheme, the deck would essentially be a set of flash
cards. But what would be the point of the reading? Hopefully not
to predict something about the future or discover something about
the character of a person.

Still, I very much like the idea of visually representing Virian
ideas, virtues, sins, etc.


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