Re: virus: Server problems?

Steve (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 08:23:46 +0800

>At 06:33 AM 29/09/96 +0800, Steve wrote:
>>All my posts have been taking up to five days to get posted on this list
>>after I first send them (posting from Australia). Is anyone else having
>>these problems? Any suggestions from anyone?
>>No doubt, this one will also arrive days late.
>Your message doesn't really corroborate your statement considering the
>the list received it before it was sent!:

The message that I sent last week (Science and Religion thread Fri, 27 Sep
1996 06:22:15 +0800 - i.e. Thursday afternoon/evening in the US), yet
arrived *after* the one above, certainly does corroborate this! It seems as
if the server suddenly gets indigestion and spews forth multiple posts that
have accumulated, in one hit.

Let's see how long this one takes. It is now Monday morning in Australia,
Sunday in the US (go on, Murphy's Law, prove me wrong!).