RE: virus: Why religious?

Chelstad, Erik (
Tue, 15 Oct 96 12:12:00 PDT

Brodie sez:
Think of something you want that you don't have. Sex? Peace of mind?

Now imagine that you could have this thing if you truly believed in God.

Perhaps the author is suggesting that, by having the mental environs that
infection by the God-meme a person is also easily infected by other memes
that operate on the basis of authoritarian supervision.

Approval...from God, from parents, from law, from someone "higher."
Peace of mind...because your actions are sanctioned and "approved" from
Sex...internet junkie dreams, I guess. Or maybe the ability to have sex
with whatever comes
along, because it's been "approved" or possibly pre-ordained.

Anyhow, my point...if you have no immune system to reject ideas based purely
on faith,
why not go whole hog and have faith that a slew of swimsuit sucubii tend to
private nocturnal needs, or that God approves of a wholesale slaughter of

It seems as though once a meme takes hold, the rest of the family starts
pulling up
in rusty trucks full of broken furniture and moving in.