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Hakeeb A. Nandalal (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 22:26:37 +0000

Vicki wrote :-

> *Are people from religiously mixed marriages more or less likely to be
> atheists than people whose parents shared a religion?

Take my family....please! My father comes from a traditional Hindu
family while my mother comes from a traditional Muslim family. My mother
laid down the condition that my father must convert to Islam in order to
marry her, this he did. Years later my father declared himself an
atheist and his mantra was "religion is for the weak" while my three
brothers, my sister and myself were raised as Muslims. We all attended
Catholic schools because they were the nearest to our home. Over time my
father became a "born-again Christian" when his cousin (formerly a
Hindu) encouraged him to attend a local church called "Abundant Life
Ministries". My mother, bless her soul, never wavered and is still a
Muslim. My sister is now a "Licensed Evangelist" (whatever that means),
my oldest brother is a "Seventh-Day Adventist", the brother after him is
probably agnostic (never discusses religion but is married to a Hindu),
I'm an atheist (my wife is a Presbyterian) and my youngest brother is a

All of this is true, bizarre as it seems, my family is meme soup. So to
answer that particular question of yours, Vicky : Yes and No. BTW,
"Hakeeb" is a Muslim name while "Nandalal" is a Hindu name, someone
tried to label my memes but they must have canceled out each other in my

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