virus: Origin of "Truth"?

Schneider John (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 07:08:33 -0400

On Thursday, Oct 10, 1996 at 12:42 AM, Kenneth Boyd wrote:
> I suspect truth is a concept invented to predict usefulness, which
> malfunctions because truth is harder to verify than usefulness.

I think the origin of truth is that it was the logical opposite of
falseness. Put yourself in prehistoric times - after long struggle,
you finally achieve communication. There is no concept of truth....
until somebody tells you there's a busty blond behind yonder boulder,
where instead you find a hungry lion. Egad - what he said was so, was
*not* so. So, "truth" was defined to be "what is so," and "untruth"
was "what is not so."

(Or, as the Christian's have it.... someone eats an apple and
that person, who happens to be the father of all people, eternally damns

himself and all his descendents (all people) because eating apples is
one discovers the difference between right and wrong, which we're not
supposed to have 'in' on..... uh, or some such....)


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