RE: virus: Re: Why religious?

Chelstad, Erik (
Thu, 17 Oct 96 13:28:00 PDT

Schneider sayeth:
I think most Churches find the religion meme most useful, while most
of their adherents are scared shitless turning away, since the "truth"
they've been taught ain't so nice for unbelievers.

As another poster pointed out at one point, the reason they call this
the 'Church' of Virus is just that: the religion meme is sooooo useful!
One goal of this church is to give the scared-shitless-Chirstians
insight into their Church's duplicitous use of the religion meme.

I like the image you conjure up here; a gigantic hooka-like
hypodermic in the shape of a church, inoculating the

Nothing against churches, mind you, merely a tribute to
their utterly effective methods of infection.

Since both "truth" and "good," as they are most often used, are
subjective terms, I like the "useful" substitution.

Would "verity" work in place of "truth?" It's a "useful" word that
almost begs its user to have the ability to "verify" their claims.