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Sat, 19 Oct 1996 16:55:25 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 19 Oct 1996, Ken Pantheists wrote:


> Back to Hakeeb's post:
> > dribble he writes seems to fall under the category of what I've come to
> > know as "common sense". No offense Mr. Brodie, but the above statement
> > seem pretty obvious to me and I would venture that if someone needs to
> > be "taught" this then no amount of readin' and schoolin' is going to
> > bring them around.

This misses the point of the transition from level-2 to level-3.

The hypothesis [someone needs to be "taught" this] is never satisfied,
because explicit instruction would simply reinforce level-2, no matter
how well-worded.

As such, it is equally valid to write:
'I would venture that if someone needs to be "taught" this, that one
minute's reading would bring them around.'

[Yes, I'm waffling around the word "false".]

> May I suggest that there is an incredibly tyranical meme at work here.
> Common sense is the most cynical, judgement ridden, manipulative concept
> around. (hyperbole is a close second)
> We are taught from an early age to identify common sense. We are asked
> why we didn't use it, but we rarely take the time to actually obtain it.
> What is common about common sense? There is no common sense. It's too
> braod a paintbrush to be used in a discussion of memes.
> Second meme: and no amount of _______ (fill in blanks) and _________ is
> going to bring them (replace with group of your choice) around.
> Both are effective in shutting people up.

As far as I can tell empirically:
The meme "common sense" has no physical/ideological/etc. instantiations,
in the Chomsky-definition sense. The use of this meme has two very obvious
It usually is used to create guilt.
It usually amplifies egotism in the invoker.

Attempted instantiations of "common sense" are highly likely [>90%] to
suffer from one of the following traits:
1) It was learned by education.
2) It is verifiably false.
3) It is verifiably an uncommon belief.

Thus, attempted instantiations of "common sense" usually violate the
Chomsky-definition of "common sense"

As such, I prefer to expunge this meme from my vocabulary.

[Oh, improvised word 'Chomsky-definition': Definition by taking the
definitions of the component words and integrating. Phenomenally
effective in the sciences, and why Latin is recommended for boosting
vocabulary. Not that I have any literacy in Latin.]

/ Towards the conversion of data into information....
/ Kenneth Boyd