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David Leeper (
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 12:50:35 -0500

:> The swastika was also used by occult societies as a symbol of God. The Golden Dawn, one such
:> society, recieved its material from another such society in Germany.
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:> David Leeper
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:Fun :b Why give tangential evidence that Hitler had significant occult
:background, which is exactly what one half-fringe sector of the Raving
:Religious Right WANTS?

1] Tangential Evidence
A] Mr. H belived in such "occult" systems as astrology.
B] At the core of these occult systems is the Qabalah, which is Jewish. One more reason to
kill Jews, they had the potential to create symbols to combat his symbols.
C] England used the services of the infamous occultist Aliester Crowley to help fight Mr. H.
It is rumored that Mr. C. provided Mr. Churchill with the "thumbs-up" and "V for Victory" signs.
The thumbs-up sign is an erect phallus, symbolizing action. The V is a symbol of Nothing, the
only force more powerful than God, which was represented by Mr. H's swastika.
D] Mr. H.'s use of the occult to aid him in his war effort has inspired movies such as
"Indiana Jones".

2] Religious Right
Information can always be misused, this doesn't mean it shouldn't be provided.

David Leeper
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