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David Leeper (
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 20:29:04 -0500

Lior Golgher wrote:
> What about the idea of an AIDS meme? Here are its features:
> 1. The meme uses the immune system's facilities in order to replicate.
> 2. By using those facilities for its own replication it unables their
> proper function.
> 3. The immune system spends its resources on fighting the meme. It
> manages to reduce the number of active memes
> to a certain point, till the meme wins over as the immune system is
> exhausted.
> 4. Gradually the immune system weakens. On a certain point, a meme
> which is usually destroyed by the immune
> system takes advantage of the new situation. It consumes all the
> system's resources until the system is
> completely dead.
> 5. All memes die, including the AIDS meme.
> I found it hard to define the right equivalents of infection and
> external propagation. They are equally
> important anyway. The stress is upon the concept of a lethal meme
> which does survive.
> Any suggestions?
> Lior.

I am building such a meme-complex, it's called Zero.

Zero is designed to attack systems which seek to subjugate the human soul, particularly
and government.

The amount of work needed to be done is vast and I need volunteers in the following areas:

* Java programmers
* Artists
* Mathematicians
* (Quality) Mystics and Magickians
* People willing to spread the word, on and off the net
* Constructive critisim

Anyone interested, please visit my web page.
The URL is at the bottom of my sig line.
My e-mail address is

David Leeper
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