virus: Re: AIDS Meme

Lior Golgher (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 23:18:57 -0700

(No quotations this time - too much to quote)
A. I have detailed the different features of AIDS so that we'd be able to find memetical similarities for
*certain* phenomenons involved in the development of AIDS. I have no intention to discover a meme which is the
exact equivalent of AIDS virus. Infact I don't think we're on this mailing list like psychic hunters in
somekind of a cybernetic hunt club, dedicating our lives to hang a stuff skinned red chest fowl meme on our
wall, if you get my spooky metaphor.
To be more specific, I think Vicki's first martyrdom suggestion is remarkable [Sorry Hakeeb, I guess you'll get
your emmi without my "grant"].

B. What's so special in the idea of martydom? Let me detail that one too:
* It utilizes the immune system for its own format by developing the paranoid concept of "us vs. them".
There's your idealogy, there's your set of belief, they're good. They must be preserved. They must be
propagated. All the rest are evil. Defend yourself!
* The immune system is no longer just one of the executive tools available for the body - the whole.
First it becomes THE executive authority, than on a later stage it's already the supreme and the
exclusive mean of fulfillment - the practical side of the fanatical idealogy.
* The martydom meme has a fanatical power which the original structre cannot confront. As the system becomes
aware to the this threaten [if it ever becomes aware], it tries to act against it with growing force. That
resistance only strengthens the fanatical power of the meme, since it proves that indeed the power of evil
are up to destroy us. Propagation (education\preaching) is at its peak at this point.
* Gradually the meme wins over, enriched by the appropriate harsh environment in which only radical memes
like it can survive. Please fill me up especially here.
* All memes die, martydom meme is bravely killed in self-fulfillment.

How's that?


BTW: Is it just me, or does owner-virus send already sent messages to virus again?