Re: virus: What is meant by "memes affecting genes"?
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 09:45:10 -0500 (CDT)

> On 16 Oct 96 at 21:01, David Leeper wrote:
> > What sort of genes would facilitate a co-operation meme?
> Not being an expert in the field of genetics my answer must be
> fairly broad and may be subject to a certain amount of misinformation
> at the hands of the populist press. Disclaimer aside, possible
> examples could be genes which control linguistic abilities, hormone
> levels or intelligence.

I'd refine this as follows:
Genes that bias towards ease of socialization/vulnerability to "peer
pressure" [These traits are IDENTICAL!] [The inverse extremes are autism
and Asperger's syndrome.]

Genes that bias towards the minimal intelligence required to communicate
with, but no higher.

Overall, humans seem to be well-adapted on the first trait. Example
1960's experiments include:

[film, 10th grade]
Virtual Electroshock: Nominally to test learning by negative
reinforcement, Really to Test the Moral Rectitude of the Administerer
just over 600 subjects
Only 2 walked out of the experiment at any point [These two passed.]
<15% had doubts.

[Some James Dobson book aimed at vulnerable teenage men. Source cited
Do I believe the audience, or my senses?
Roughly, 7 out of ten believe the audience [researcher cohorts
guaranteed to give the WRONG answer to a simple "which line is longer?"]
rather than their senses.

/ Towards the conversion of data into information....
/ Kenneth Boyd