virus: Re: meme pairs (formerly compassion and justice) (formerly AIDS meme)

Santo Domingo (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 20:45:39 -0400

Santo Domingo,

For fun/experimentation, I removed one character per line.

Crime =3D Justice
War =3D Peace
Poverty =3D Wealth
Evil =3D Good
Follower =3D Pagan

David Leeper


Exactly my point, David. Each is dependant on the other for it's =
conceptual existance. Is this significant? Do memes usually come in =
pairs of apparent opposites? Or am I just fooling myself with =
semantics? (In that it is hard linguistically to have a symbol for "X" =
without, by labeling it so, creating the concept of everything else =
being "not X".) I seem to recall that set theory deals with this at =

P.S. Appologies to Hakeeb. My e-mail program (Microsoft, may thy name =
be cursed forever) does not put nice little > thingys in front of the =
quoted lines, so there was no clear delineation between where his =
thought provoking words ended and my comments began. Will put in =
asterisk separator lines in future, as above. For the record, my thotz =
started with "I have intuitively suspected for some time now..."