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Thu, 24 Oct 1996 06:20:02 -0500

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Re: KMO's suggestion;

> On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 08:24:55 -0500 JPS <>
> writes:
> >Once again: we reject Christianity for all the standard atheist (or
> >in my case agnostic) reasons, and we only use memetics to explain
> >how the "idiocies of unbelievers" can remain in vogue through the
> >centuries: becuase they are part of religion, which is a self-
> >replicating idea (meme).
> I hope the "we" here doesn't refer to everyone who recognizes the
> utility of the memetic perspective. not everyone in that group has
> rejected theism. I know at least one devote Catholic who sees the
> value of memetics. Memetics is a tool that he wields adroitly, even
> with respect to his own Church as a historical entity. He has no
> problem with the concept that he is the host for a meme-complex which
> uses him as a disposable resource.
> Take care. -KMO

The "we" is in fact as you suggest. I could have worded it more
appropriately as "those who reject Christianity do so ...".