virus: Level 3 minds

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:14:22 -0700

On Oct 24 Kenneth Boyd wrote:
>The jump I took from level-2 to my current emulation/reality of level-3
>was a lateral jump. It's not even in the same direction as the jump from
>level-1 to level-2. I took the jump when I managed to completely break
>level-2 as a method of living. [Actually, this was several months.]
>In the absence of a functional method of deciding how to act, I learned to
>use the motive-programming techniques that seem to be key to Brodie's
>description of level-3.

What did you do, Ken? Can you give some examples?

Having been on level-2 and laterally jumping to level-3 you can tell the
difference. Which specific actions or techniques became part of your life
and which ones are not any more? For example: did you quit smoking or start
smoking, etc? What your new "method of living" is like? Please, be

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