virus: Level 2

Kevin M O'Connor (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 16:01:15 EST

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996 10:56:47 -0800 Richard Brodie
<> writes:
>Hakeeb wrote:
>>I'm with you, but you've got to admit the fundamental problem with
>>belief systems is why *they* can't see *your* point. Atheists can't
>>why theists believe in God, theists can't see why atheists refute
>>Brodie can't see why people don't appreciate the three levels, Wade
>>can't see why people don't recognize it's just parlor-talk ....
>On the contrary, I was very specific about why people don't appreciate
>the three levels. It's because they're in Level 2.

Richard, that kind of comment really isn't very helpful. Telling people,
"You can't see my point because you don't think on my level," will
generate more hostility than rational discourse. I know that you see
generating conflict as a means of focussing people's passions on your
book, but you also admitted that you're not going to sell many books on
the Virus list. This is a forum for rational discourse and comments like
the one above are as liekly to damage your credibility with this crowd as
they are to advance any of your declared goals.

Take care. -KMO