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Richard Brodie (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 15:31:02 -0800

Vicki Rosenzweig wrote:

>This may be hopelessly simplistic, but if (as Richard Brodie says),
>"The Level-3 mind realizes that NO meme is True," isn't this mind
>accepting the meme "There is no absolute truth"? In all seriousness,
>this is the same problem I have with Robert Anton Wilson: it seems
>to be absolutist claim that there are no absolutes. This means there
>is at least one meme/belief that is still accepted as true.

As I have said (bracing myself for a kick in the seat from Tad), you
CAN'T use level 2 to analyze level 3. It would be like a Level-1 chimp
trying to digest a science textbook (by eating it).

>to this, on what basis does such a mind decide that a meme is
>useful? Where do its goals come from?

Please read Chapter 12 of Virus of the Mind; I discuss my perspective on
that issue in quite a bit of detail. Memetics derails quite a bit of
Western philosophy.

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