Re: virus: Memetics debates

David Leeper (
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 21:21:06 -0500

Kevin O'Conner,

: >> Now to say we are not even masters of our own mind is yet
: >> another such blow, and understandably engenders hostility.
: >
: >Wait a minute. I think this is backwards.
: >
: >In olden days...[clip]
: Many people do see memetics as a threat to their autonomy. Yes, it's
: based on a misunderstanding of what constitutes "self" but the resistance
: is there just the same, and Dan has correctly identified one basis for
: that resistance. If you have never encountered this sort of resistance,
: check out the current Brain Tennis match-up between Aaron Lynch and
: Richard Barbrook on Hotwired.

Outside of this list I've encountered nothing but this resistance, an
example of which I included later in the posting, along with a short
disscussion of the empowerment that comes from the meme/gene point of view.

David Leeper
Homo Deus