Re: virus: Parables

David McFadzean (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 09:57:22 -0600

At 10:18 AM 28/10/96 -1000, Bill Godby wrote:

>myth, rather it is complementary. The idea here is not to become
>obsessed with truth, whether this one is right or wrong, which
>completely skews the issue, but rather what does the myth/story/parable
>tell you, and how, in relation to the society in which it exists.

To paraphrase in virian terms (correct me if I'm wrong): the truth
(accuracy) of a myth is not as important (interesting) as its
meaning (effect). At face value, this seems to agree with Brodie's
comments on how we should choose our beliefs.

I guess the question I have is when is a less accurate belief more
useful than a more accurate one?

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