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Richard Brodie (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 12:12:41 -0800

In response to my:
>>On the contrary, I was very specific about why people don't appreciate
>>the three levels. It's because they're in Level 2.

>KMO wrote:

>Richard, that kind of comment really isn't very helpful.

Geez, you don't have to insult me!

> Telling people,
>"You can't see my point because you don't think on my level," will
>generate more hostility than rational discourse.

I never said "my level." I said "Level 3." And I think we've had plenty
of rational discourse on this topic. I look forward to more. I've seen
many people make the jump from Level 2 to Level 3. I don't think I would
do anyone a favor by pretending it doesn't exist.

> I know that you see
>generating conflict as a means of focussing people's passions on your
>book, but you also admitted that you're not going to sell many books on
>the Virus list.

Seeing as how Virus of the Mind is required reading for all Virions,
that's clearly not my goal here. But I do want to spread the important
memes contained in the book, one of which is the value of conscious
living at Level 3.

> This is a forum for rational discourse and comments like
>the one above are as liekly to damage your credibility with this crowd
>they are to advance any of your declared goals.

I don't want credibility. If I wanted credibility I'd get a Ph.D. I want
people to grow and think, and my contributions to the list are intended
for that purpose.

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