virus: Level-H or Memetic Hypocrite

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 01:01:39 -0800

On Oct 28 KMO wrote:
>The Level H thinker realizes that there IS an objective reality, but she
>also realizes that we have no direct access to it, i.e. our perception of
>it is mediated by our senses and by our cognitive filters and classifying
>The process of model switching becomes so smooth that it
>looks as though our level H thinker knows the Truth. She may even start
>to believe that herself, but sooner or later she'll encounter a situation
>in which none of her models are quite right for the job, and she'll
>remember that her models are just that. At this point she'll need to
>bring her model testing skills back into use apply them in the light of

Good example. She looks more like Level-T to me. She believes objective
reality and that the world is rational, predictable, intelligible. She uses
"conscious-introspection" to get closer to the Truth. Yes, she is Level-T.

Level-H knows everything she knows, but he goes around and says "why are you
people so concerned with Truth? Who cares who is right, let's just do
something different, something more appropriate to Level-3. Let's do some
magic... or let me program your neurons..." And when people look at the
magic -- he achieves his goals, for example clearing the world from level-1
chimps or other lower levels (or races). Level-H is an interesting meme.
We can use some "conscious-introspection" to learn more about Level-H. It
may become quite USEFUL.

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There is no Absolute Truth, although we are getting closer and closer to IT.