Re: virus: Thought Contagion

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 01:01:44 -0800

Richard Brodie wrote:
>It has been pointed out that my link was bad for ordering Thought
>Contagion from Amazon.Com. (I still haven't read it but Aaron has sent
>me a copy and it's probably in my mailbox now. I've just returned from a
>week of Level-1 activity in the Bahamas.)

I am in the middle of "Thought Contagion" and it is *hard work*. Nothing
comparing to your "Virus of the Mind", Richard -- which I read on one
breath. I find the language very difficult. Aaron shows many memes and
tries to explain why they develop the way they do. I found some of them
quite enlightening, monogamy, for example. Often I think: how do you know
if it is memes, and not simply genes?

I have no idea how one can think Aaron is talking about some demons who
poses us. Not from reading this book... On the other hand, when KMO
mentioned about memes as demons I thought of many gods humans were
worshipping before they came up with the concept of one-and-only God. It
looks like memes where known back then! Fertility meme, Jealousy, the whole
Olympus is nothing else but memes (with some poetic interpretation). Is
there "one-and-only" meme? (Not level-3, I hope).

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