virus: Re: False Assumptions

David Leeper (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 20:35:21 -0500

Kevin O'Conner,

> If suicide attacks have but a single causal root

Stop right there. I never said that. I'm talking about a specific
examples, not trying to present a universal formula of suicide attacks.
These specific examples where presented as being caused by martyrdom.
It is my opinion that these examples are not caused by martydom, but
by desperation. _Never_ have I said that desperation will produce the
same effects in everyone, everywhere, everywhen.

> i.e. the desperation
> induced by forieng ursurpation and no cultural, religious, or historical
> factors play a causal role, then the natives of East Timor should have
> employed suicide attacks against Indonesia. They have not, even though
> their situation is far more desperate than that of Irish Catholics or
> disenfrancished Palestinians.

Truly you have a dizzying intelect! Where were we? Australia? No! East
Timor! Again, I am making no attempt explain the behavior of the East
Timorize (East Timorians?). See the movie "Princess Bride" for further

> You are comitting the fallacy of the
> single cause when you assert that this very complex behavior has a single
> cause.

Only when you put words in my mouth _and_ change the subject.

To be frank Mr. O'Conner, you have no idea why the Palistinians or the IRA
or the East Timorize act the way they do. Nor do I. Nor does anyone else
on this list.

This thread began with the premise that the so-called "Martyrdom" meme was
responsible for the acts of groups like the IRA and the PLO.

Everyone on this list either agreed with this or remained silent on the
subject. Except for me.

I stated my belief that desperation, not martyrdom was the reason for
actions of groups such as the PLO, the IRA and rioting Blacks in
America. I've presented the reason for my arguments from Logical, Zen
and Cohesive Mathematics points of view.

I am willing to listen to arguments, however your tireless efforts to
nit-pick my position have only ended in supporting it. Even the very
premise of your argument, that there is no sole cause to these
situations, show that you no longer believe martyrdom to be the sole

I remain silent on the East Timorize issue.

David Leeper
Homo Deus