RE: Re : virus: Nonbelieving priests (was Re: Hosts)
Tue, 29 Oct 96 10:33:24 GMT

Richard Brodie wrote:


> Imagine the following scenario:
> A young wife and mother of 6-month-old twins suffers a tragedy: her
> husband and breadwinner is killed in an automobile accident. And guess
> what the government says: "Tough nuggies young lady, you're still not
> killing your twins." Does that make you sick? Why not?

Because that would be murder my friend! The fine line between life and
non-life has to be drawn somewhere. In my first example of the girl in
Ireland, the babies where not too old to be aborted (by science's standards,
although the age at which abortion can take place is yet another long argument).
At six months, I guess that you've left it too late to have an abortion!
Plus, the woman in your above example made the conscious decision to have
childeren (presumably). Therefore she has to be prepared to raise them
under any circumstances. Many governments will provide the necessary (!)
support for a single parent family to raise children (I say most, because
I know that you've got a thousand examples where they don't!). The main
fact of distinction here is that the 14/15 year old girl was forced into
pregnancy, and at that age, she is neither physically (questionable, I know)
or mentally prepared to raise children. It would ruin her education, and
her chances in life. Your "young mother" has already come to a conclusion
about those parts of her life, and decided that children are what she wants.

The thing is that your example is not relevant to my original.

It does make me sick that such a tragedy could befall a young lady, and her
two children, but it does happen, but then, we live in a pretty sick world.
(Cue the: if God exists, why does he let this happen? discussion :>)

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."