virus: The Reason for Reason

David Leeper (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 17:52:59 -0500

Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote:

> >From "Virian Ethics" :-
> No other system of thought in history has proven more effective.

What, exactly, has the Virian system of ethics accomplished?

> If truth is the goal, rationality is the way.

What, exactly, is truth?
What, exactly, is rationality?

> A good Virion will endeavor to hold a consistent set of beliefs
> and act in accordance with those beliefs.

What, exactly, is a good Virion?
Consistent with regards to what, exactly?

> Think critically, act rationally.

Does this hold in all situations?

> There can be no logical argument against apathy.

If logic is powerless against apathy, is apathy
more powerful than logic?

> If you don't care about anything then that is
> pretty much the end of the story.

Are there any advantages to leading a passive life?

> If you don't care about leading a meaningless life,
> then surely apathy is the key.

What, exactly, is meaningless?

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