virus: Re: Smart Asses - a breakdown

Kevin M O'Connor (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 19:20:54 EST

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996 09:06:24 -0600 ken sartor <>

>BTW - what kind of person DOES join Mensa? For what purpose
>(put on their resume. status symbol with friends, self satisfaction,

It might be a good way to meet a compatible mate.

>Are there members of this list who have joined?

I'm not one of them, but I know their are some Mensans on the list. I
won't "out" anyone here.

> Are
>there members who have qualified (say through GRE's or SAT's or
>whatever) and NOT joined?

I don't know what the qualifications are. The fact that I've never
investigated them or even made a mental note of them when I've
encountered them should give you an indication of my level of interest.

Is there anybody whose web site was judged to be in the top 5% who didn't
put that badge of honor on their site?

Take care. -KMO